Saturday, June 15, 2013

Barbie dolls Puffy 3 tones - Grey


Today I’ll write some reviews about lenses again ^^V
This pair is from Barbie Dolls Puffy 3 Tones series. Color is GREY.
Picture taken under bright table lamp.

Diameter is 16mm.

I’ve been wearing this pair of lenses for characters like: Tender Shall (D.O.D) and Juvia Loxar (Fairy Tail)
Well, Juvia doesn’t really have grey (Gray~!) eyes, but there wasn’t enough time for me to grab a good pair of blue lenses then, so I picked this one since it complimented her look pretty well Smile 

Effects under dim room light.


Under photographer’s flash. (Photo credits to Michael Ooi.)


The lens itself without flash …


With flash.
I personally like this pretty much as it didn’t feel dry even after hours of exposure in events.
I didn’t use any eye drops as well.

~Ten x Ten~

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ifairy dolly+ , Red contact lenses



Previously ordered and tried this pair of lens.
Red: Ifairy dolly+ series. Either 16/16.2 mm
Bought it for RM26 including postage.
So far I haven’t wear it long enough in any events, so I can’t comment on that yet.
Some of my friends with smaller eyes complained that 16mm might make your eyes uncomfortable.
Still OK for mine.

I might use for future characters like: Prince (1/2 Prince), Dalian (Dantalian no Shoka)

Photo taken beneath bright light.


With flash …



Without flash …




I personally am satisfied with the color.
Bright enough for animated eyes, haha.
If you’re looking for red eyes for any character, this might be just right Open-mouthed smile

~Ten x Ten~

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

C2age 2013–HELP CAT

Went to this event last weekend with Kaze~

HAPPY that I was able to meet the very lovable cosplay figure from Japan – Reika Arikawa-san!

SAD that basically didn’t get to take close-up pics with her, nor get her photo collections or merchandise Sad smile 



She was really friendly and uber NICE!

No traces of idol air despite so much fame amongst cosplayers around the world~!

Down to earth and best of all, she actually hugged EVERYONE who attended her workshop.

My fondest memory with her this time (PLEASE LET THERE BE A NEXT TIME!  T^T)


No time to prepare, but I hastily editted some low reso photos from Day 1, then printed and gave it to her after the workshop the next day. She was bowing profusely and gleaming a bit while looking at my shameless gift, with her really sincere ‘Uahh~ Arigato, arigato~~!’ …. ;A; Near to tears now that we’ve all miss her too much!


My only Me-AND-Reika pic …. sad eh? Crying face 
Hopefully with more luck next round!

Thanks for all the memories and tips you left us!
And please come to Malaysia again (^o^)V

~Ten x Ten~

P.s: Other cosplayer’s photos are uploaded at my FB.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

English Noon Tea @ Victoria Rossa, Penang.

I’ve basically abandoned my blog for the past whole month!

Gomene ~~~ Will not have much time these days. >.<

Stepping into final year of undergrad life, thus naturally these….


Last week, had a short break back hometown for nation’s 13th General Election.

(Darkest day in nation’s history, sigh*)

Also got to meet up with the old buddies, tasted some fine high tea, and attended a wedding of an old classmate.

Will blog a bit about the tea thing. Pretty unusual I must say. Open-mouthed smile



It’s an English Tea House in town called Victoria Rossa. First time for me.

Honestly, I don’t know much about high class authentic stuff. There’re just beautiful to me in many ways.

Will post what I see, you guys judge on your own Winking smile


What we see as we entered. Tadaaaaa ~~

Love the lighting, the furniture and the wallpaper.

They even have nice baskets beside our seats for handbags! <3

They actually have a second floor I think, but the section was closed that day.

Would be awesome to do a Gosick or Kuroshitsuji cosplay here Open-mouthed smile



Tungy and me. Sorry, Yan wasn’t in the photo. She’s holdin camera.

This was the small bench beside their entrance. We were waiting for tables.




Menu and the cutleries ….

Vintage right? Wait there’s more ….


Tea set – Biscotti, Meringue, Original scone, Butter cake and sandwiches.

This is supposedly for one person. (The chocolate and cranberry scone were extra ala carte orders.)

Set includes a pot tea of own choice. RM30 something.


Tea. Victorian and Edwardian blend.

One pot comes with the set. Another pot was an additional order.

I think it was RM10 or near that. Refillable once.

The teapots are nicely wrapped with laced fabric-covers. Nice?

Teacup and saucer’s pattern go with the teapot.


Tea leaves in tin – for sale.
Lots of these on shelves. They also sell collections of tea cups saucers.

Their waitresses also wear lacy aprons like café maids, haha.




Displays near the counter.


About all I have to blog, haha.

I will visit it again some day (when I haz extra cash) and when I feel like trying something different in their menu.

If you have visited there, how about recommending me something good?



~Ten x Ten~

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Juvia Hair Curls ~~ How-to.

Well, I wouldn’t say that this is a tutorial, since I myself have a load more to learn in cosplay ^^”
But a few people have asked me about the signature Juvia hair: Where to buy the wig or how to make them base curls.
And since I have some of the process pics with me, I decided I might as well share a short post on how to make these.

FAIRY TAIL - 134 - Large 10

I did some reference based on a few Juvia hair tutorials, and most of their attempts are via hair spray or hair gel.
For my case, because I was stingy short on cash, and considering that I need to move a lot for the skit on stage, I used white school glue in my case. That way, you can get some very firm and rigid curls and don’t have to worry that it’ll fall straight in the middle of your cosplay.

Cons is that this method is VERY messy ( At least to me) and might leave quite some traces on your end product.
So, it all depends!
Anyway, if you guys have any better tips to add on, kindly let me know or share it here! ^^

Things you’ll need:
Shoulder length blue wig

Empty plastic bottles, cut.

Hair clips

White school glue + water

Some BEFORE pictures of the wig:
Truth is I did Juvia’s cosplay once, sometime last year.
And I totally screwed the hairstyle, ask anyone who was with me that day XD
"Like whose gonna ONLY style their wig 3 hours prior an event, and then go into a rage and blow a whole load of HOT GLUE into a brand new wig, zzz”


And then because I was selected as a semi-finalist for a Fairy Tail cosplay competition, I decided to re-do this whole thing XP
Luckily the old messed-up wig was still usable! What a miracle XDD
And I didn’t have to spend more on a new wig. *phew
I swear I’m not gonna simply use hot glue on wigs from now on, zzz


The trick to remove dried hot glue from wig (or basically anything) is by using Isopropyl Alcohol.
Learnt this on via GOOGLE XDD
U can use those available from drugstores, but I was in a rush and a friend from the medics team in my hostel generously gave me a handful of those in mini-soaked-pads form. THANKS HAYLEY ^^

Basically remove them nicely and patiently, then follow a proper routine of wig cleaning + conditioning.
And THERE, you’ll have back your silky smooth wig ^o^

Then, we move on to the curls styling:


1.) Grab a small bunch of blue strands. You may start from areas that are not so visible if you’re not confident with the outcome. Roll them until they reached the jaw of your face – flat and thinly spread on cut plastic bottles. Apply the mixture (White school glue + water, the right consistency should not be too gooey or runny. It should be transparent when dry.) as you roll the hair on the plastic. Clip it when it reaches the point you want.

2.) When it dries completely (Usually takes half a day or overnight), gently remove the clip and plastic. You should get something like a dry-flat-twig thing at this time, with some bottle-shaped curves since they dried on it. Follow the curves, and  use the same glue mixture to roll it back, this time minus the plastic roll. Clip the end with hair clips. Repeat step 1 – 2 on small bunch of strands.

3.) As you proceed, you’ll find that there’s no sufficient space for all the hair. Just nicely clip some of the done ones (Curled, dried, in a form of individual dangling noose now.) Continue with the rest of them. REMEMBER! Do them nicely, from front to back, top to bottom layers. Or else you’ll probably end up in a mess of strands overlapping each other.

4.) When you’re done with every strand up, just let it fall on its own. Adjust them so that they don’t overlap~ Next, use the white school glue (Only for this, use a thicker consistency. For my case I did not mix water at all.) and apply a bit in the inner edge part of the noose, starting from the front ones. Join the rest of the noose. Juvia actually has hair that looks like they’re connected to each other, but I separate them, eg: 5 noose together, and then another 5 and it goes on. So that if I flip my head they look like they still sway, and not like a stiff blue tube sticking to my neck! >.<

5.) Adjust it on your head, style the bangs, put on the Russian Cossack Hat and we’re DONE! XD

Remember to let me know if you have any ideas to add! Cheers and have a good day XD *drip drip drop

Ten x Ten

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Animax Carnival Malaysia 2013

Went down to Sunway Pyramid for this awesome event last weekend!
Was hesitant in earlier days, but didn’t regret a bit after it XDD


Went to the event with Ming straight away after we lodge our belongings at a nearby inn. XD
Would’ve gotten earlier if the bus didn’t broke down midway,
wasted 45mins on the highway  >.<
Anyways, we were happy that we arrived safely XD



Us with some of the Naruto cosers. Photo credits to Ming ^^V
Smiling like kids who get free goodies, wakakaka!

The next day: Competition! (17th March)

It’s the Animax Carnival Malaysia 2013’s cosplay competition!
This year’s theme was Fairy Tail.
Man, was I over the moon when a friend (SaKa-chan!!) shared the news with me. I decided to give a try by submitting my Juvia’s photo, and by luck, was chosen as a semi-finalist >.<V

Pictures taken on that day, randomly chosen …
Most of the tagged ones are at the FB account.

Rehearsal and registration – with Yonnie and Akane! <3
Miss our guild days in CF 2012 XD



"After" photo. I scared myself sometimes XD
Photo by Akane-chan ^o^

To the competition skits ~~~

sunway pyramid 3

Photo courtesy to Sunway Pyramid …

~Even on gloomy days, Juvia teaches you to dance in the rain~
*gets bricked by worldwide Juvia fans….

sunway pyramid 2

Contestants who managed to advance into Top 8 aka FINALISTS!
Congratz minnasan!


~Water Lock *bloops ~~~~~~

Photo courtesy to Michael Ooi Photography.
Like this photo very much, thank you!! XD

(The umbrella frill came off =.=”” I’ll work harder to make good props next time *gomene)

sunway pyramid

Photo courtesy to Sunway Pyramid.

Announcement of the top 3 winners~!
Landed 2nd ^^V !
Was pretty surprised and thrilled~!

esther lim

Group pic at the prize giving ceremony …
Fairy Tail daisuki <3

It’s on News Straits Time today!
Catch the online report HERE  Smile


~Ten x Ten~