Monday, June 13, 2011

My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime

I bought this set of limited edition Beauty Diaries products, consisting: 2 masks, a scrub and a cleanser. 06




Love the sketched graphics ! ♥ Teatime treats and macarons! (IDK how they extract essences out of macarons, but oh well~ The maybe fake idea still attracts me Smile with tongue out)




The sequences: (Only tried the cleanser so far, will review bout the rest when I had my hands on them ♥ ♥)



The mini tub on the left is ze’ Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser (30ml) , whereas the right one is the Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub (50ml).

For normal and combination skin.


FUNCTIONS: (Zoom to read if you need~)



The cleanser smells and feels like nothing but REAL strawberry yogurt! ♥ I use a mini spatula to scoop it for use though…. Dun wanna get my hands digging into the whole clump every time, feels unhygienic ~



The limited edition masks in the package: Left one being Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask, Right one is Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask. Doubt I’ll use them till I get my hands on a 2nd piece/ till it’s almost expired~ Smile with tongue out 





Selling at RM39.99 from Guardian stores. Hope the price will go down again, so that I have excuses to get another set! 27



~Ten x Ten~


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kitty Galore!

My brother spotted a litter of kittens in our garden a few days ago:



Closed up shots:


Assume this Pea Prince being the eldest XD Always climbing pots and leading the pack!

Resemblance to Pea King makes me suspect that he’s (Peanut) the daddy of the litter, hee~



I don’t know the gender of these kitties, but this one looks like the Princess to me, haha!



Meet Moo moo, the knight of the pack! The stern sapphires, meowz!



And the joker, Pie Hole!  Wouldn’t care much about camera poses or image, bahah!!



“We’re not the Aristocats, but a party of Kitty Galore in an abandoned corner of someone’s (My house’s) garden. Mew~!”



~Ten x Ten~


First day …

This is not a post by a first time blogger;

This is not a place to spill my innermost secrets,

But I’m here to share.


Hi, the name’s Tenny. ♥



~Ten x Ten~