Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten days ago ….

I anxiously wore my first and very own web-ordered ‘yukata’ (Japanese cotton robe that resembles a traditional Kimono) to attend the annual Bon Odori event at Esplanade, Penang.



The one on the right is me. ^^

And I ‘ve done my nails just to suit the event too! Put on fimo decorations on bright pink lacquer Smile with tongue out




The bigger group picture …. was so happy that we finally got to take a pic together in yukatas. XD It was our high school dream! Smile with tongue out



From left: Ngee Hsing, Ru Phing (Yan’s younger sis.), Me, Ru Yan and Tungie ….


Didn’t stay till the fireworks are over though =( Slight disappointment of the night ….


~Ten X Ten~

Monday, July 4, 2011

At work …

I was at work as usual today: The same uniform attire, make-up and ‘May I help you?’ smile =D <--- *nice


And today, I came across a Datin status customer (Knew that from her credit card, job’s perks Smile with tongue out) who’s about fifties in age, in her flowery blouse and neat hairdo. During the transaction, this conversation happened (In Mandarin.):


*Looks at me up and down

Datin: ‘You look like an undergraduate to me. Are you still studying, girl?’


*Smiles back

Me: ‘Yea. ^^ I’m a student still. Having my holidays currently.’


*Datin nods and smile again

Datin: ‘I see. You look really beautiful to me. Really.’


*Me = Sikit-sikit shock 0.0! + syok XD!

Me: ‘Thanks~!’


*Transaction almost done. Gives back cards and receipt to the VIP customer…

Datin: ‘Have you got a boyfriend already?’

Me: *Sikit-sikit SSS ‘I haven’t, haha.’ *Blush and hands the item to her ‘Was too busy with work and studies….’ <--- Absolute lie. The ugly truth was just nobody wants to date her~


Datin:’ Aiya …. you look so pretty. And so nice, even if you’re single now, one will come to you soon!’

Me: ‘I definitely hope so too. *Blush … Buh-bye, have a nice day!’



See? A simple nice chat a day can make your extra hours just a wee bit sweeter! X)



~Ten x Ten~


Footnote: And I realized afterwards, I should’ve just ask her, ‘ I’m about 20yrs old this year, have you got a son about my age, Datin?’.