Wednesday, August 24, 2011

17th August @ Strait’s Quay

It was a public holiday, which means  a day off from the angels brats at nursery. Kidding~

So Ten thought she should switch off days at cashiering too, just to give herself a rare full day off

… and that’s exactly what she did!  03


The day started great with waking up later than usual, haha!

And then off to GP to ‘help’ my FSIL spend her RM100 TFS gift voucher. (She got it from a membership draw, how lucky!)

Most of the item goes to the voucher owner of course, but I’ve got my loot as well – A nail polish and nail art pen (Black). It’s free anyway  ♥ Before that, some shadow pallet from Elianto!



~The Face Shop nail lacquer retails @ RM5.90 normal price. Lovely ME:EX Nail Dot Pen (Black) @ Rm11.90. Elianto Pearl Shine Shadow series pallets retail @ RM8 normal price per color. Bought with 50% discount at time shopped.~


After Lunch, we headed to Straits Quay in the name of Beauty Fair. (Ten saw the advertisement on a public bus …)

But when we reach there, there were no fair to be seen cept’ for some stalls under construction for mooncake sellers! Grr, felt so cheated!15


Anyway, we had a tour around before deciding to go to Tesco …


Into SmidaPaper and Sugar, a DIY craft shop and pastry ingredient shop respectively. No photos on SP, but Ten-Ten shot some from Sugar’s display window. These masterpieces are simply too perfect and irresistible! 67


001 002 003 004 005


And with some newly added fimo for her collection, from Naga Nails.

Love the pumpkin design! ♥ Can’t wait for Halloween this year~!



~They’re selling at RM2.50 per stick/ RM10 for 5 sticks. Courtesy to Naga Nails.~





     With Love ♥









Weather was’t good to us in the evening … 12

Headed to Batu Ferringhi to get FSIL’s Angry Birds bag.

… And this is the surprise loot of the day for me, tahhaaa~!



~Angry Birds storage box @ RM19.90 and Plants vs Zombies water bottle @RM8 from anonymous seller, Batu Ferringhi night market.~


Ten’s older sibling paid for the above, teehee~ <--- Satisfied giggle from the young lady who loves free stuff~!05


So long~! Will prolly blog about my Angry Birds merchandises if Ten is in the mood to do. >.<   angry_birds__blue_bird_icon_by_bullpoopsniperrifle-d2xzbs8




~Ten x Ten~


Footnote: I do not own any of the cakes or cake designs on the above images. Kindly do not manipulate those photos.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Semi-success with MACARONS!

My second try making macarons, and FINALLY~!

Ten-Ten produced those desired domes, (Ignoring those piped-end peaks~) and made the custard buttercream! Love the taste, the praises and mostly, the supportive words from all my friends. I’ll keep trying till I get it right one day! 03




Journal of how these mackies were made:



Piped on grease proof paper <--- (Actually not sure about the grease-proof fact. I just bought them from the bookstore.) Letting them set for about 40mins. Ten-Ten added gel edible coloring at the whisking phase to make a pale pink mixture, but when they were mixed with the ground almonds and icing sugar, they became almost beige, zzz



Baked, cooled, and paired! Love the marrying process~! Hee~06

They peeled off the paper easily this time, and I didn’t even need a cookie scraper!


020 021

Custard buttercream … I wanted to save my disposable piping bag, so I just apply with the teaspoon Smile with tongue out After all, they looked okay as long it is the right amount and having the right twist …



… And two become one! ♥73


Maybe, just maybe if I have the time and macaron mood again this weekend, I might try with different colors and a different ganache to go with…

Guess I’ll need even more luck from you guys!105



~Ten x Ten~


Footnote: Behind every success, there is failure~ (In the case of macarons, thank God they’re still EDIBLE. XD)

A box of not-so-cute mackies, but they tasted the same anyway ~~~)


*The ones with black dusty look on the shells are not burnt! They’re from the last tray of which, Ten chose to experiment with cocoa powder as garnish. But … oh well ~~ 12

Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Saturday night …

I had my very first try making MACARONS!



(Image is a googled illustration. I could never make them so perfectly at this beginner moment.)


It wasn’t easy finally getting my hands on a proper recipe book on making these babies! Found this colorful, Just-Parisian Macaron making book @ MPH about few weeks ago. It was on 30% off clearance upon any PWP, so I took it home right away!



After some hard time gathering ingredients and handling the piping bag, this is what I got from my camera…



Chocolate macaron domes, letting them form their shells before entering the oven…



The better looking ones. Is this good enough for first timers?



A closer zoom for the ‘foot’. (The ruffled pied?) I literally yay-ed when they grow in my oven. But that was it, no prettier height. I heard they are what makes a macaron, a macaron. Ignore those stodgy cracks! 81


THAT’S IT, HAHA?! Images for the perfectly paired mackies will have to wait. I’ve decided to store the chocolate domes in my freezer before another attempt about this weekend, so I could do the cream for both batches to cut cost, hee~


Pray for me too! They’ll see you around if success is coming to me! 105



~Ten x Ten~

Monday, August 1, 2011

Get over …

Do not say try!

I have to get over on it! Just a shortage of RM20, OKAY ???!!!




It’s over, hahaha! And I felt better right this moment! XD


~Ten x Ten~