Sunday, September 25, 2011

And Thanks for the Macarons ♥



Blog author received this box of macs from her besties as advanced 21st birthday present~!
Hyper surprise + happy ♥
From four seasons bakery @ Straits Quay, Penang.


118 153



  Especially love the chocolate and framboise (Pink colored.) flavored ones ♥










With love till the very last bite~

Thanks again, sweethearts!






~Ten x Ten~


Footnote: Baked a cake before I came back Sintok as well ^^ Erm …. it’s covered in fresh cream and topped/layered with blueberries, so can I call it a Blackforest cake? Smile with tongue out Forgive the final presentation again , my best ! >.<







  Garnished with one of my macs … ♥

  Bon apetit!

Summary – Final week before Sem 3 starts


Ten went to RedBox with the usual buddies. Happy and lucky for getting a room with an unusual atmosphere – Library mood!

033 068



  Night, dinner @ Harvest Inn. Love the lights and atmosphere.

  Best of all, the FOOD!






078    092

094  106





Satisfied face at the end of the day ~♥








~Ten x Ten~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A beautiful sunny Sunday, 4th Sept 2011

Joined the girls at Balihai Dim Sum, Gurney Drive …



… will never forget our bestie of the morning, da’ incredible custard-margerinish taste Cheese Pao! 70

Definitely not my ‘tray of pao’!


After breakfast, we headed to Evergreen Laurel Penang for a cosplay workshop – MOEPA Autumn Skill Sharing Workshop.

Entrance fee was RM10, inclusive door gift (A tiny collar dot, aka emblem?) and refreshments at the maid café. Time span was 11am – 3pm.




Event haven’t start when we arrived, anticipation of early birds, haha!63

Then, the opening ceremony dance, the song guessing game ~ (Oh! I got a correct guess, so got a pink pouchy gift. ^^ No pics though. Ru’s anime watching effort finally paid off – A MIKU FIGURINE AS REWARD FOR THE CHAMPION, FUFUFUF!!!)73


017 019023


I find the workshop really useful. ^^ Especially for to-be cosplayers. (Except Yi Ian, whom with some experience…) They gave us lots of tips on doing make-up for photo shoots and managing our wigs (If we have.)



And of course, who would miss a rare chance to take shots with those cosplayers in cool outfits??!! 29





    ‘Altair’ from Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood?

       This is our favorite character from the trailer, though not a fan of games! ><

       The cosplayer himself is good in martial arts too, plus photo friendly =D !








The very pretty cosplayer in erm …. Victorian goth lolita? <---Smashing every word that might have relations ….88

…. Forgive the les’ knowledgeable blogger.

She’s pretty + tall + with a tinge of cool mood in photos, gotta love her!








   The very petite cosplayer, supposedly from the famous Vocaloid family.

  Must have been some effort at least to prepare the perfect uniform!03










  A warm touch from the butler-in-waiting!
  Aha~~~ I like this a LOT !! ♥













  A rare opportunity to be ‘protected’ by manly, long-ago era bodyguards!13

  Like the hair, outfits and the cool tools, especially the sword …

  … ‘KACHING!!’ ~!








  And sometimes, dreams came true via photos, hee~! ♥
  With courtesy from the duo kawaii maids who served us at the café, the blogger had a princess minute …. posing as a HIME-wannabe ! ^^” 06









Event ended with a picture – Us with our participation certificate.

Lame to pose in a criminal posture though, ‘haha’ ~~~ 72




~Ten x Ten~


Footnote: Tung and I unintentionally got caught in media! >o< A photo of us was on the end-of-the-day’s paper – A column in Kwong Wah Daily …. For mandarin readers, go HERE for the article.