Saturday, October 1, 2011

21st Birthday Cake

30th September 2011 – Ngee Hsing, Rain, Bee, Hisyam, Puteri, Celine, Lwyne, merged to throw a surprised mini celebration for Sit and I’s belated 21st birthday. They rented cars to bring us out for a day’s fun at Alor Setar, Changloon, and K.Perlis (For me, Bee, Celine and Lwyne at night.) respectively.

My birthday falls on 26th Sept, while Sit’s at 27th. Both original dates fell on weekdays, so they tricked me that we’re going out to celebrate it for Sit on 30th. (Vice versa lie on Sit’s side.)

Geez ~~

Sweet lies ….. =.=






Thanks a heap for the surprise! ^^ Will be always memorable to me …



~Ten x Ten~