Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011, KLCC Convention Centre.

Marks the first ACG event I attended – cosplaying. 17th December 2011, the cosplay debut of Ten! *triumphant music, jang jang~!





     Cosplaying as Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed Destiny. Excited waaaayyy before the event while preparing the stuffs. Wanted to portray this character since the 2005 ><!











Met so much cosplayers from all over Malaysia (Even some from neighboring countries like Singapore.) !!
CF is said to be the largest annual ACG event in M’sia by far, so imagine the crowd ^^~! 


Went to the event with Ru, Tung and sister, and her friends too.


The frust? Undeniably the first day’s KLCC management and queue. Heart goes to the visitors who weren’t able to get their tickets on 1st day too …

Additionally, my accessory waist bow fell somewhere in the middle of the event. Swt~ Thus existed an obi-less Lacus for 1/2 day in Day 1.


CF 1 (8) CF 1 (6)CF 1 (18) CF 1 (31)

For the other CF pictures I took, kindly visit HERE.


All the cosplayers were awesome, and their hardwork all reflected from their costumes, props and accessories. Of course, being as near as the virtual characters they portray matters, but it is the hardwork from regular looking cosplayers that I admire. Salutations to the effort and passion!


Besides, it was surprising to meet fellow cosplayers from the same anime! Meet Shinn, Athrun and Kira, and the rest of the Zaft pilots ^^!

CF 1 (1)


CF 1 (23)


CF 3 (15)

CF 1 (4)




On my left: A cosplayer in Kira Yamato’s (Lacus’ in-anime soulmate.) outfit. The cosplayer was courteous enough to pose a moment of Lacus x Kira. ♥ One of my personal favorite photo from the event!








Had tonnes of fun at the end of the day!

Hopefully will be able reserve time for CF 2012 next year. Till then, lots of work (Diet, costume making, facial…) to be done! XP



~Ten x Ten~

In K.L, 16th–19th December 2011

Feels weird with the thought of updating this randomly, two days after Christmas ….. not to mention, waking up in the middle of the night! Sorry, but blogging only comes in mind when there’s really nothing else you can do, and the internet’s on Smile with tongue out




Had lots of fun window shopping in KL! Our 1st two day’s accommodation was at Equatorial K.L: so B.Bintang, Pavillion and Fahrenheit 88 were just minutes away, perks! Open-mouthed smile


Lots of shopping, lots of food and fun~! (Bought ma white boots for CF there too. Still remember the joy of a size 9 girl getting her wanted boots-in-budget from the very 1st shoe shop she reached in Sungei Wang; when she couldn’t even find a close one after endless search in the island. That’s when I thought how lousy Penang malls can be Sad smile! *Penang food and people still rox KL though Smile with tongue out)


DSCF3764 DSCF3752 DSCF3757 DSCF3817 DSCF3834 DSCF3813


Next up: Comic Fiesta 2011 post ‘update’ Smile with tongue out



~Ten x Ten~