Sunday, January 15, 2012


It’s strange to assume that I preferred working than studying … ^^”
Can’t tell >< The extreme tiredness is there, and I felt as if I broke ma leg!
But I get a better satisfaction … it’s short, but it’s there XD
Or the other factor that summarize my feelings? Maybe I really love $$ . The thought numbs the rest, hee~


Remember I said I was gonna go on a mask-marathon after exams?

Yerp! Really on good mood to apply them now that exam’s gone (bye~) Gonna update what I’ve tried too, keeping promises Smile with tongue out Well, honest to be, the make-up application at work daily totally motivates me … They say make-up = instant beauty, but we know how much it kills the skin too~ Ten would opt for natural beauty usually, but the working thing has made make-up an almost must- I myself hate the thought of presenting a sleepy-face, dark circles, and dull skin look when I greet my customers. So the mask plan thing, it sorta helps me relief a bit! ^^”



This was what I had the day before – Mung Bean from Cereal Mask Sheet series, TFS. At the back, the descriptions reads:

The benefits of Mung Beans: Used to cleanse and clarify skin for ages. Mung Beans are values for their excellent cleansing and detoxifying properties which help resolve skin problems for a more beautiful complexion.

My own say? Well, I need to confess that skincare shelf lives are usually within …. 3 years? Haha, this sad sachet was abandoned for almost 2 years+ , till VERY recently, I decided I had to really put them to use, before they rest-in-peace Smile with tongue out Couldn’t fully reap the benefits in this case, my own bad. ><

Ok, opinions. It’s a mask with a really light effect, I mean LIGHT. (Mild case, light?) Not much triggering scent like MBD series’, and I didn’t really see ‘A more beautiful complexion’ after it came off. But as I said it’s the light, cool, freshie, not-sticky formula that works for some people. Maybe if you have sensitive skin, or you hate the feeling of sticky goo not leaving the skin after da sheet comes off, u might wanna give this mask a try. ;D



~Ten x Ten~



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ending 3rd Semester in 2 days XD


Bet you can sense the yipee-ness running in me XD

Now, there’s only one paper left to annoy me Smile with tongue out Not bothered much nyways~

Filling my time with loads of procrastination and beauty sleep instead! (since 15 hours ago, heh~)

Oh, and applying skincare masks too! Checked through my stocks and found out some are going to expire soon >< Foresee some daily mask-on routine after the last paper, till maybe CNY? XD


The one that I’ll prolly put on tonight ^^ It’s “Black Cherry Chocolate Mask” by My Beauty Diaries~

Ooo~ And I found some interesting description at the back, in mandarin of course, which roughly translates like this:

'A facial mask inspired by indulgent black forest cake recipes. (yum?) Extracted from ingredients like cacao and blackberries – comes a beauty mask just like a slice of irresistible cake; so, let the magic of Black Forest cake works on your skin~!
Functions: To illuminate dull, tired skin; Firming; Improves elasticity’

woots? Let’s see if the said magic works on me tonight XD    *wave wand facial mask~  ;D



~Ten x Ten~

Footnote: Add ++ ! Did I mention that I got bishie-smitten very much lately ? … by Minato Namikaze! ♥

Cool ain’t ?? ♥  Yerp! The 4th Hokage and daddy of Naruto. Sh*t! A married character!!  ToT

Okay, end of randomness, I’ll just keep quiet :X   *mouth-palm, murfs~ kyaaas in-heart!