Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last Episode of WGM-YongSeo couple~

Last sem break, blog author finally found the right site to get English subbed episodes of We Got Married (A reality show featuring K-pop idols in fake marriages and live as a couple throughout the series~)
Wasn’t really amused with the idea at first, I mean, I would buy fake romances from dramas, but from a reality show? :/

And then, when they cast Jung YongHwa of CN.Blue and SeoHyun of SNSD together, I changed my mind Smile with tongue out
Had always like the maknae of SNSD with her fresh and pure image; while the leader of CN.Blue caught my attention with his role as ShinWoo in ‘You’re Beautiful’… So I decided to hop on this series when I finally found the fully subbed version!


The duo were also known as the ‘Goguma Couple’ (Goguma=Sweet Potatoes!) by fans of YongSeo … Reason being SeoHyun’s love towards sweet potatoes were initially more than men (An episode when Yong asked her to choose between a goguma and him if they both fell into the sea, she actually answered ‘The goguma of course!’)

Their wedding pics were awesome! Aishk~! Who cares if it’s a fake marriage, anyone would love the sight of pretty couples in a married mood! ><
Yong oppa commented that Hyun looks as if she’s floating on a cloud!


Gahh, so after all the laughter and sweethearts, the ‘Goguma Couple’ filmed their last episode of married life in 2011’s spring. Bet most of the goguma fans cried like blog author did T^T … it was hard to part with the fictional (yet so real!) couple. Almost wishing they were real! (Hyun herself cried at the last episode’s back interview. Guess it must be hard to part ways with your on-screen hub, like when he cares for you so much, who bothers if it’s fake! >o<!)

Came to love lots of OSTs through the series too, particularly C.N.Blue’s tracks:

1.) I’m a Loner – by C.N.Blue  
2.) Love Revolution – by C.N.Blue
3.) LoveLight – by C.N.Blue
4.) Banmal Song – Jung YongHwa feat SeoHyun
5.) Appear – by Kim Bum Soo  (Made me LOL-ed hard during the Busan Seagull’s episode!)

Few more, hard to list all out ><

Thanks for the love, Goguma Couple! ♥

~Ten x Ten~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last min baking @ Penang; Room recipes starts in hostel!


Blog author made a Mille Crepe Cake before she returns to Jungle Land Smile with tongue out

Maybe there’s something wrong with the skills, or the crepe recipe *hmph!
The final result of the crepes were rubbery! Still edible though, but far from DELICIOUS~


As for my fourth semester’s dorm-coming gift, blog author gave herself a new rice cooker, teehee!
Bought one from sales, so that I could escape lousy canteen food Sad smile 
New sem resolution: Cook on own!




   First pot of porridge yesterday : Cooked with anchovies, dried shrimps, pickled turnips, potatoes, mushrooms, and Hijiki seaweed.

  Only brought dried ingredients~ Coz there’s no refrigerator~

  Cooked another round today – Mostly same ingredients, but I added Indian shallots and dried china oysters, *turning into seafood porridge~








Crab-shaped chopping board that I brought along, CUTE? Smile with tongue out








Will venture into desserts these few days, since *ahem … it’s my special days. =.=”
Needed warm sweet stuff to avoid blues … *pouts




~Ten x Ten~

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 !

It’s the blast of the year of Dragon! Roar …. !!
Have you guys been having fun? XD

Blog author spent 3 days of CNY week in Singapore! All thanks to pre-booked flight tickets by my bro last year, heehee! *Hail the dragon of the family Smile with tongue out

Did I mention it was my first flying experience too? XD It was breath-taking >o<!






Back to work now however! Got more angpows this year compared to last year’s XD *Some in SGD too! Smile with tongue out

~Ten x Ten~

Footnote: Photos courtesy to cousin-in-law from sg ^^