Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lacus Clyne casual cosplay– $$ Expenditures

Out of the blue, I decided to do my own cosplay expenditure posts via this blog in order to:

1.) Help myself keep a track on how much I’ve spent on cosplays, zzz (Poor peasant embracing an expensive hobby …)
2.) Hopefully would help someone out there who might wanna cosplay the same character that I did; on referencing prices and etc.

The first one that I’m gonna start today is a simple one - Lacus’s casual cosplay. This outfit was commonly seen in earlier episodes of Gundam Seed Destiny, when Lacus was living around with Kira and the orphans near the beach house.

chara_lacus_a      206048_10150836020326161_597161160_10036986_1757797821_n


Material cost for the outfit (dress) :
Roughly RM8 ( USD 2.50 ). I used a type of material known as Pongge which I bought cheaply from the local fabric store.

Miscellaneous cost:
- Wig RM 50 appx. (USD 16), from TaoBao
- White heels RM 40 (USD 13)
- Yellow pin was DIY-ed using paper cardboards and bobbi pins. XD
- Pink Haro was originally a hand-size coin box. (Ears can be open x close) Bought for about RM8 ( USD 2.60 ) each from TaoBao, and then spray painted to respective color …. (Original color was nothing close to Lacus’ Haros ….)



DSCF3568 DSCF3617




Time I used to prepare my Lacus cosplay:

Dress was handmade. Haven’t got my sewing machine yet at the time of making.
By hand-sewing speed, I spent about 2hours per day, a full week to finish the whole dress from plain fabric into what it is. I am no designing student nor tailoring apprentice, so it all depends on SHEER WILL and a bit of luck, hehe! I believe anyone can make their own costumes as long as they really want it to be XD

DSCF3738 DSCF3741

DSCF3742 DSC00280

 Forgive the last pic ^^”
It was a rough shot taken after the event – All crumpled and up.

Overall, I spent about RM110 ( USD 34 ) on this outfit. But since the wig and Haro is also used for another Lacus look; and the heels are usable for my normal functions, it’s not exactly that costly in whole.



















~Ten x Ten~

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My First-time Armor ~~

I cosplayed as Erza Scarlet from Fairytail!


(Photo credits to HERMAN FOTOGRAFI)

As FT fans would know, Titania Erza has TONNES of requip armors, so this is just one of them. It’s the Armadura Fairy armor which she’s in for a combat with Edolas counterpart Knightwalker
This was more than a month ago …. XD

Briefly remembered how ‘courageous’ me and my partner in crime had decided to join the grand World Cosplay Summit (WCS Malaysia) despite being newbies!
How we last minutely gathered all the materials here and there, rushed on the costumes;
And how much we enjoyed on the REAL DAY!
  (Though we absolutely was no doubt the lousiest erm, kinda weak team DX )

We made our own costumes from scratch XP Was not nice at all scratching our heads trying to present something not-far-from similar to the anime versions, IN 6 DAYS … (freaky ~~~~)



The main materials for mine was EVA foam. Learnt some tips from the local cosplay workshops and bits more from the internet~

DSC00319Partner-in-crime with her semi done pole arm ~~ POSING LIKA BOSS!

The props too: Twin blades with the FT logo near the ‘wings’ … Plenty of mounting boards and hot glue used XD !!



JAJA !!!! (Looks more like a toy though ><)




The battle of Erza vs Erza ! (Photo credits to Mr Ch’ng Oon Tian, who also helps us with advices on poses and expressions ~~~)



Met Lu-chan as well! Cosplayer is Miss Gillian T. Photo credits to Miss Yi Xian …












~Ten x Ten~

P.S: It was the 2nd character in my cosplay ‘career’, since my debut in 2011 Dec. It was Calyn’s (Partner-in-crime) first time cosplaying! XD