Sunday, September 30, 2012

Etude House – Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Foam



I bought this when Etude House was doing some annual sales about last month …
Not sure about the original retail price, but I bought it for RM10 … (without terms and condition, hyper yay!)

There was an option between milk tea and peach tea from this range (from what I remember …) so, as I couldn’t read the Korean descriptions, the salesgirl roughly told me that this one is for a nourished complexion.

Also, the short description in English at the product also says ‘Contains Milk Tea extract for softening. (Don’t ask how Smile with tongue out)
WOW. Crazy yay from the bigtime milk tea fan XD

Based on my personal feedback after using for: twice a day, two weeks and ongoing – I would say that I really love the tingling milk tea scent afterwash. It’s not those very heavy (You-know-it’s-damn-synthetic) fragrance, so I really think it’s just nice for a wake up and good night cleanser.

As my skin is kind of combination between normal to dry, it’s not being such a moisturizing product for me. Skin will feel kinda tight and dry after using it, especially on very COLD days. Or maybe it’s me skipping the moisturizer and toner regime, thus this. Confused smile (I previously stick to TheFaceShop’s hydrating beans as my daily cleanser, and work wonders for me all the time. Till I got the mood for a change and bought this for my campus use instead Smile with tongue out)

Anyway, I guess I’ll finish up this one before moving on to my next try XD

~Ten x Ten~

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Strawberry Milkshake ~

Learned some milkshake skills from my summer holiday’s part time work, teehee!

All You’’ll need is some fresh cleanly sliced strawberries ( 3 whole packets from elder brother dearest and wife, from Cameron Highlands … )
I spent all on shakes, whoopsie  Smile with tongue out


I usually used full cream milk (I detest low fat / skim milk somehow Vampire bat "') , but that morning I realize I was out of carton packet ones  '___'
So I substituted something special XD …

DSCF4541 DSCF4544

It was canned milk from Bangkok, Thailand! Pretty unusual to us who usually get our packet milk in cartons or plastic bottles!
I would’ve thought it was sardine or something!
Again, souvenirs from brother dearest from Thai ~ Winking smile 

So it was basically these, some plain yoghurt that I added as an extra … plus some teaspoons of condense milk for the commercial smoothie taste, if ya know what I mean …. then into the blender for about 30 seconds~ 

Tadaaaaaa ~



This was actually about a month ago! Smile with tongue out
Posting it now coz I came across these pictures and suddenly crave for one >< !!!!!

~Ten x Ten~

I’m Turning 22 ~~~~

Happy Birthday ! XD



A cake I got wayyyy earlier before I came back to university ….

Must supposedly have been ‘BE MERRY’, LOL.
Either the cake person spelt it wrongly; or my sis-in-law got the wrong message from mua’s mom XD
(Never assume this ‘marry’ wish would come from the mouth of someone who even dejected the idea of sending me off to a steady! >< )  but thanks anyway for the CAKE!! <3

Truth is, few days prior my birthday, I decided to get myself a Birthday pressie, and did something wayward crazy and totally off my league …


I was in a full dilemma on to book or not to book? (It was AirAsia’s promo period for next year’s holiday goers, in short they have CHEAP TICKETS selling fast !! …)

In the end, I made the decision after endless consultation from the more avid traveller in the family (aka sis-in-law), and a green light from mommy dearest (who surprisingly agreed!) … to buy to-and-fro tickets KL-XXXXX for early August next year! Main point is that I’ll mostly travel alone, yikes!!

Challenge ahead is that I’ll have to earn and save from now on as the whole getaway expenses is up to my own pocket! ><
Good thing is that I’ll have about 10 more months to go and that’ll do for me to plan the itinerary and stuff … and to pray that the annual typhoon will not visit when I’m going during summer next year >.< !!

Eeeks, wish me luck ~! Go Tenny Go ~~!!


~Ten x Ten~

P.s: XXXXX is where? That’ll be a secret for now XP Smile with tongue out 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

SilkyGirl–Ice Cream Lip Pot SPF15

ic pot

Recently bought this from Watsons for RM8.90~!
Forgive the lame picture presentation >.<
Yours truly tore the unique choco sundae ice-cream packaging before I remember I lack a picture for my blog! DX

ic pot 1


Anyway, this standard lip pot comes in a 10g tub that says SCOOP AND EAT ME!  Smile with tongue out 
It claims to be with SPF15 and with antioxidant Vitamin E to help prevent free radical damage, loss of elasticity and reduces fine lines for younger looking lips.

ic pot 2

Jang-janggggg !!!

I literally ‘AH~!’ at the swirls! <3
Hesitated to dip my fingers for a try. Now there’s a smudge on the surface, uuuuhhhh ;A;   <----- =.=”

Despite the ‘rich and creamy’ statement, it’s actually just a wee bit richer (aka oilier, lols) than my Mentholatum Lip Ice. Since I’ve only applied twice for today I can’t really comment on how well it can actually moisturize the lips. :/ The packaging does highlighted a ‘Locks in 6 hours moisture’ though.

I must say I really LOVE the scent though. Forget esters, or synthetic aromas … haha.
IDK it’s my imagination or what, but it really TASTED like ice cream too XD !! Even my roomie commented the same after I gave her a dip, hehe!

*By the way, even if it comes with a sunscreen, does it affect if I use it as a night lip balm? Do share if there’s any opinion out there ;D

~Ten x Ten~

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Erza Scarlet casual cosplay–$ Expenditures …

Ten-chan did a Fairy TailErza Scarlet casual uniform costume around mid-August. (Last month!)
This was Erza’s casual wear (which I roughly remember the presence around end of

Oración Seis Arc, between ep 66-68(?) ) , asides from her usual upper-body armour + blue skirt’s casual wear. It consists a white blouse with a marine blue pleat skirt. Wanted to do this one since my photoshooting partner was a Juvia cosplayer in white + blue matching outfits! XD

Erza_casual (2) Untitled3 Untitled6

Outdoor Photog credits to Mr Kyan Lee.

My sewing machine betrayed me! So I had to finish up sewing this by hand in a night’s time, as the following day was the photoshoot day. Argh! Last minute costume’s tension! >.<


Material cost for the outfit:

Roughly RM9.50 (USD 3.00). The blouse was made using plain white cotton fabric while the blue skirt was Pongge fabric. The neck bow material is the same as the skirt’s. Note that I used Pongge for many of my costumes so far for two main reasons: cheap, easily available in solid colors. It sells for as cheap as RM2 per metre (USD 0.65), thus making it a great deal especially if you don’t plan to wear the costumes for anymore big events/occasions. Plus, haven’t been able to get my fabric materials from a REAL good source, so this was the best. I’ll definitely venture into different types of materials and share in near future.

Miscellaneous cost:

- Wig RM 40 appx. (USD 12.8)
- Black stockings are my old logistics, haha. Black shoes are my formal class shoes, so I wouldn’t include these cost into it Open-mouthed smile 
- Sword: Mounting board RM 3; misc RM 4 total = RM 7 (USD 2.25)

Time I used to prepare the costume:

One Night!!! SERIOUSLY!
(Hates how I always deal with last min costumes @#$% This time it was due to busy work schedule, and I was only motivated to make the first move the night before!)

So, ending results are the costume’s qualities are not decent! Sad smile 

Pleat skirt’s journal:
DSC00376 DSC00377


Learnt how to make my first ever pleated skirt thanks to useful online tutorials. Credits especially to Kaika from The Cosplay Chronicles. For the full tutorial, kindly visit HERE Open-mouthed smile



       As for the blouse frills, I manage to mix around some own ideas, with bits of pulling here-and-there YET I somehow managed to come out with an average blouse frills XD Didn’t have a blouse pattern either. I just make a rough sketch on newspapers with my own fitting blouse and reserve some seam allowances. Bowtie was made from the blue fabric’s scratch and sewn onto an elastic (Make sure the stretch is comfortable enough for your neck as it would sort of ruin the day if it’s tight and choking.)










In all, I spent about RM56.50 (USD 18) for this Erza casual cosplay. Wig is in fact the same one that I used for Armadura Fairy Armour cosplay, so it’s sort of recycling the wig usage, haha. Will touch more on the armor expenditures when I have time Winking smile 



Ten x Ten