Monday, October 29, 2012


I recently get to spend quality time at home thanks to short mid-sem break~

And decided to put hands on trying to make my own Kimchi! XD It’s a type of fermented dish generally LOVED by Koreans. For mine, I made the typical Napa cabbage (Chinese cabbage) kimchi. Mind that my version of kimchi can be very twisted; in sense of ingredients and method used Smile with tongue out Due to lack of authentic materials here in Malaysia. Anyway, just sharing.



  Cabbage pieces soaked in highly concentrated salt-in-water. It is said that you can either do it with the cabbage leaves uncut, or like my case I choose to slice them smaller. Can ease my effort of storing them in small jars since I don’t have a standard kimchi refrigerators like some Koreans do.

I soaked them for about 4 hours.









The other ingredients: Spring onions (Was supposed to add leeks, but I couldn’t find one last min XD), garlics and onions. Yea, contrary to common beliefs, I am an avid lover of bulb pungents. FEAR ME, VAMPIRES !!!! Smile with tongue out Vampire bat

And also, not missing the main seasoning Red Chilli Powder! I mixed my own paste of the red chilli powder and water. The real thing’s supposed to be ‘Gochujang’ which is a mixture of the chilli powder, glutinous rice and salt.



SECRET INGREDIENTS: This is by far, I guess the most twisted part of my kimchi version. (Correct me if you guys had weirder alterations…)

I used fish sauce (Made from fresh squid, lols?) instead of fish sauce (Made from anchovies, or general fish-fish.). Get me? Smile with tongue out Alright, I bought the wrong sauce. I thought they tasted OK though.

I also heard that most Koreans used salted shrimps for their kimchi. For mine, I simply added the locally made ‘Cincalok’, some Melaka delights?


Mixing them: Make sure to wear gloves in order to avoid chilli burn!



DONE! I hope they’ll ferment well XD Moyashimon mode …. *kamosuzo!



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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My own DIY coscards ~

Got bored sick of piling assignments and decided to give a try on designing my own coscards.

(YES, it’s a sum of $$$ if you were to hire people to do the job. I don’t know about cosplayers out there, but I personally felt unwise to spend additional money on coscards. Since it’s not really a formal process, and basically I just want my own ideas on it, so it’s best if I do it on my own.)


Plus, advantages of DIY coscards includes:

1.) Saves cash ….
Not that I have any intention to ruin professional graphic artists’ business, NO. But from what most cosplayers face, (Tight budgets, ahem*) This is a good option since it can really save u lots of unwanted spending.

2.) Enhance your creativity
It’s a good activity to put combine your editing skills and proud cospics into a mini marvel to share with others out there. You can also discard the disadvantage of minimizing color options because of expensive printing cost out there.

3.) Print only what you need.
Most of the offers out there receive only orders above 200 (Or a lil lesser, but the lesser means more $$ per batch.) , and I really didn’t want to see a whole 200 same copies of my image on-hand. It’s not like I’m distributing flyers to promote myself, lol.
So with this option, you can do like 2 dozens of a same pattern, and then maybe other designs when you have better or new cospics coming up. Depending on what you need that is.


So this was what I did:



~Yeah, got me. It’s the Lacus pose again – which already appeared on my FB profile pic, albums, Cure DP etc etc … I don’t mean to overuse it, if only I have better looking cospics … SIGH!~


And then got’em printed on bright laser cards (white) which I got from the local stationaries / bookstore … I cut them with SCISSORS! LOL ~~~~ Thus, some of the crooked lines. Maybe I’ll get a proper cutter when there’s a sale Smile with tongue out




I really like the Chinese / Kanji characters of my name on the red seal. SOOOOO MAJESTIC! XD  <---- SSS-ing

I hardly mention thus far, but the nickname actually means Purple Light Goddess. Purple light = Yukari; Goddess = Tennyo (From my humble understandings, LOL.)

The ‘O’ on Tennyo was omitted since my original family name has enough ‘O’s ( Oon, or 温 if you read mandarin.) And yup, Tenny is my alias even out of cosplay.


Coscard cost:

Basically the plain cards costs about RM3.50 ( USD 1.00 ) for 10 A4 pieces. I am using standard European business card size which means 8.5cm x 5.5cm. Printed vertically, one A4 card would fit 9 generous cards using Microsoft Word.

The rest of it goes on the ink. So it depends on your own ink cost. I am using my personal Canon MP280 printer. So to finalize a per card price, I would assume it to be roughly RM0.05 cents each.

The quality isn’t as decent as those made by order, but I guess it’s still pretty fine for a cosplayer to cosplayer / photographer exchange. So give it a try if you like XD

Tips: Try printing on plain rough papers before printing on the real card. That way, you can save wastage if any mistakes happen. Will also enable you to check on the color and image quality before mass printing.





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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Totoro and Spirited Away bookmarks ….



Made these DIY bookmarks as give-away to my Japanese language class’ classmates.
A bookmark for a correct answer XD



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