Monday, December 10, 2012

Doing a post on MACARONS…

Just because they’re macarons, they get more views than other posts with random titles, which is why I’m doing this … XD

Kiddin ~~~~~

These were mackies that I got for the Victorique cosplay the other day …


Mehh, you’d laugh if I’d say that I use this exact same plastic containers on the real day =[

I actually bought very decent glass jars, but later found out the mouths were too small for these babies~

Serve me right for asking the lady at the shop to ‘Get em’ giant ones!’


Greed kills … but what to do? Smile with tongue out
These were selling at a soaring price of almost RM3 per piece. I got 5 pieces for RM14 from Macaron Café, Gurney Plaza


You might be asking: ‘Ada macaron in those cosplay pics meh??’

“Got … got …. too bad my pics ain’t doing them much justice ….”

maca 3


This ridiculous pose came to when contestants were asked to do their sole, ultimate-est, greatest, killer pose for segment two, to win the judge’s attention one last time.

We also had to answer some questions related to our costume, or how and why we decided to cosplay this character …

I figured that in sense of cool-strike-them-down poses, I am way off compared to those contestants with awesome auro; whereas in sense of Victorique’s selling dollish traits, I too, was way behind the other Victorique cosplayer.

So, I decided to do something in my capability which fits Victorique’s character:


That way, I could -

1.) Finally had a good excuse to eat something in the midst of cosplaying~

2.) Lose poise for points, since this character basically gets hype only for mere sweets.


maca 2

Victorique’s ‘Look, this is my MACARON’ pose … OTL

Zoom some more if you still can’t see, LOL~

It’s the light purple one


And a whole jar of them on STAR shinbun… wakaka (Owner’s name isn’t highlighted though OTL)

The whole nation is looking at my macarons *piaks, kena slap~

I did brought you guys to STAR-dom afterall ~~



Left to right: Lychee, chocolate, lavender, forgot the other two … ^^”

Cute ehhhhh???? I know they’re just colored almond shells clapping flavored ganache, but like many other girls, I easily squel over these delights!

How I wish I am an owner of a macaron shop <3 <3



Close-ups ….. they definitely spell ‘EAT ME!’




Friday, December 7, 2012

Le Midi de l'Aristocrat @ Gurney Paragon, Penang. (1st Dec 2012)

Sorry that I took so long to update my blog >.<

Been busy catching up with lots of things lately, so I’m just gonna briefly go through with this event that I attended almost a week ago…

Le Midi de l'Aristocrat was an event held last week at the very atmospheric St Jo’s Heritage Building @ Gurney Paragon, Penang.

The theme was Victorian cosplay, so I decided to participate in the competition as Victorique de Blois from GOSICK.


Photo credits to Rin RY. Group of cosplayer participating and non-paticipating.


My moment on stage. This segment was posing. Honestly, mind was pretty blank on that moment after awe-ing at them beautiful costumes at the backstage. Comparatively, my one-night production looks SO shabby! My wig was especially horror error … OTL

Lesson learnt! Good production = quality time and attention~

I’ll probably work hard to mend/create another Victorique costume, since I really like this character and would want to cosplay her again. But will have to trim the wig and make sure the next outfit is up to par so that I wouldn’t ruin Victorique’s character!


21908_10151130193431161_308562475_n_副本vdb ee

Photo with better postures – This was my best, apologies~ OTL

Photo credits goes to Sharon KYT. Did some editting on the lighting and contrast.

I had to admit it was nothing to be blame on photographers or the backdrop. There were plenty of good photographers and the place is just one of the most scenic item I can find around Penang. But I truly was pretty disappointed with this outfit. Had to admit lack of time was a factor, and partly since I was gushed with the small victory I had two weeks ahead from this event, I was laggy and lack of motivation to create a costume that befits the character appropriately.

Though I still manage to walk off with a consolation prize, it was the effort that I see on those winners that remind me of the real passion and meaning behind cosplay. Having a short time at the dressing room and seeing them working hard on their make-up and minute details allows me to see one’s profesionalism on this hobby. Its not about how expensive your garment may be, or what color of trophy you snatch, but the passion to bring the character alive with what we have.

getimage (1)

Winners – Photo credits from Star Online. Congrats for the victory and the hard work again, minna-san. Though you guys don’t know me ^^; (Small figure speaking here) Hopefully will have the chance to stand on the same stage and learn from you all again …



…And some new friends whom I met at the back stage. Couldn’t believe Star put us in a small column too ^^ The middle cosplayer is also cosplaying Victorique in another outfit. So dollish!

Catch the online article HERE.


Again to all the cosplayers and peeps behind the scene, thanks for the hard work!


~Ten x Ten~