Friday, January 25, 2013

So lazy lately!

I’ve been slow in anything basically in life, LATELY!
Short of motivation and energy, not sure why :/

Perhaps it’s the aftermath of exams, I myself don’t know too!


Things to complete before CNY:

1.) Room Keeping!
No more messy rooms in 2013 …. XD
I have the excuse of ‘not being around, and not having time to do’ cause most of the time in a year (For da past 3 years…) I’m away in other state for undergraduate studies. I’ll be back permanently starting end of this year, so it’s time to start maintain it back to a good condition!

2.) Sort out some cosplans ~
Budget for cosplays are hugely reduced for this year . So I’ll probably come out with characters which I’ve already cosplayed – with an improvised version or different outfit. Wigs and shoes can also be recycled to cut cost >.<
Will aim to do more photoshoot if possible. I realized I’ve been so occupied with competitions last year, that none of my characters have a proper portfolio.

3.) Throw away some stuff …
It’s a heartache to do this every year ;A;
But it’s pointless to keep things that wouldn’t do good, or help. Same goes to certain relationships. No?

4.) Prep and prim myself for the new year!
I have a pool of skincare and makeup, but I seriously suck in making them handy Smile with tongue out
Will start with finishing up the old ones before stripping new seals XD
Also, started with my quest of tutorials from youtube gurus to hone my skills, woo lala!

Wish me luck peeps!
I wish I could accomplish these small resos in time >o<

~Ten x Ten~

Friday, January 11, 2013

Playing with the new kitten ….

The tabby at home gave birth to a new litter lately.
Due to the genes inherited, erm …. probably 4 cat-generations ago, most of our cats are born with this color – Caramel-ish (?) ginger, and some white.

We spotted this young one squatting under the bush without his(her) siblings, so we went ahead and picked it up.
Some funny comic captions that I added, too cute!



This a pic of her mom + aunt/cousin aunts /cousins etc …. reunion dinner-ing. LOLS~
All the orangie gang!



Assumably the real eomma …. (But I caught it suckling on another white tabby too, so I’m not sure which litter it actually belongs to.)
It’s sitting on a broken spade if you notice. XD

~Ten x Ten~

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sometimes, I think back why I started cosplaying …

… how it came to, and why I decided to keep doing this. ^^

editted pic 1_副本bh

[This is a 2011 pic!! I lazy to re-take la! Since it’s a reminiscing post I guess an old pic fits the frame?]

I’m not sure how many of you guys out there shared the same story here;
See some similarities, or PERHAPS couldn’t relate at all,
But this is how mine goes …
(Essay mode on, haha. Yeah, days of exams did this to me…)

I personally started cosplaying at a pretty late age. (20+, lols?)
Before I started, I was exposed to plenty of cosplay related news from different resources; I was an otaku since elementary, and the idea did crossed my mind a few times with the ‘One day, I WILL do this’ thought, but then it never happen. There were few factors of course:

1.) Not having the budget
Back then, with only allowances barely enough to cover my school lunches and bus fares, there’s no 2nd thought of spending savings on ‘luxurious’ hobbies like these. I came from a very average income family, thus contrary from many beliefs, Cosplaying hasn’t been a smooth sail to me. I basically survive my everyday, study fees, and my cosplay expenses based on meager student loans and part-time jobs every now and then. And no, from the day I entered tertiary education 3 years ago, I don’t remember taking allowances from my parents anymore.

2.) Living in a pretty conservative family
Though I’m grateful that my family hardly has any bad says about this, but I’m pretty sure if it happens during my schooling days, I’ll get lots of nagging. Its partly coz I started this after leaving home for studies, they probably approved that I am ‘Old enough to make rational decisions on own’.

3.) I am never good looking enough!
During schooling days, I was the typical obscured girl with tanned skin from too much marching and was never near the word slim. Yeah, and I was pretty anti-social too.
I just couldn’t associate myself with cosplay at all.

And then only God knows why one day some lightning stroke me (Most probably Ren Il Matto’s [Formerly known as Lyn] debut experiences became the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’?)
I suddenly made a vow that I need to and I HAD to try this! At least a THIS once in a lifetime experience!
It was right after CF 2010, that me and a certain Friend S (I’ll keep her anonymous since I’m unsure if she’s comfortable with me revealing her hidden cosplay debut.) decided that we have to try this. Another Friend R was with us all the time, but she was never in  costumes, ….. YET?

Our goal was to attend CF 2011, cosplay, and that we had a year’s time to plan and do this.

Decision: To cosplay the very very immaculate Lacus Clyne. *gulped
She was my all time anime goddess-level idol, and I really really like her personality and image.
In real life, I am in no way similar to her; but I really wanted to put an effort to see a transformation.
Not just a wannabe, but to at least see a positive input in myself at the end of the day.


I was basically slacking through first half, not sure with what to do, how to start and etc.
It was only a year plus ago: I had no idea where does a wig comes from, how the hell a costume appeared out of no where?, what’s the diff between character make-up and our casual day look, and so so so much more….

And by the time I realized the promise I made, I was still at point zero when Friend S already picked her done outfit from a well planned tailor …. so much more ahead of me. It was probably around the time (Some time in October…) when both friends questioned the critical, sensitive Q: ‘Early birds tics are out: ARE WE GETTING YOURS?’

Then I got real PANIC!
I couldn’t just nay and dilute all my trust by shattering our one promise: To go to CF TOGETHER.

Unsteadily, I gave the nod and told them I WILL go, and to please get the tickets ready.
And then the next thing, my journey of many FIRSTS to produce my very first costume began …

1.) To learn to make web orders: Wigs and haros. How to scroll through crazy options and colors of wigs and decide from many many MANY screen capped reference of the character I wanted. And then the agent, delivery and etc

2.) To make it as similar as possible: The original L.E BANDAI haro which I wanted was WAYYYY out of peasant-me’s puny budget, so I got these kawaii substitutes and gave effort to alter them. READ HERE!

[Shared this uncountable times, but I AM very very fond of them! WISH Promise!! that I will create another Lacus outfit, and hopefully had the chance to do a proper shooting in future, to give them better justice!]


And most importantly: The COSTUME. I was in a dilemma: To get a local tailor and invest ALL my savings? Or to get a cheaper deal online, but risk having inaccurate sizes. Plus, the main issue was TIME, as it was 1 month plus to CF. There was no way to confirm that any tailor would be able to complete my outfit in time.

And thus the biggest, ridiculous decision came to: To handsew it FULLY on my own and be daring to wear it out on CF!
This coming from someone who had never even attempted a scarf !!!

It was also based on the firm belief that this would prevent me from a huge budget bomb, even if it fails.
So it was a sink or swim risk. Maybe being poor has its advantages, nyahahaha!

Nyways, I was like a mindless, blank dudette, walking into the unfamiliar local KAMDAR (Which I’ve gradually grown into a regular.) and simply picking up fabrics (merely based on color, and some instincts.)
All of them cost me about less than RM30. It was 1/10 of my original costume budget.
Then, 99.9% of the sewing happens at my dorm. (Was study period during that time.)


I was blindly cropping and cutting fabrics, and trying my best to make it happen.
Till today, nobody knows how, why, or what triggers me to make that first critical move in my cosplay journal. But I know something was done, a (rather shabby…) costume was produced and I was SO proud of myself for making it happen!

To clarify, I have no apprenticeship or formal training or schooling or classes in sewing.
Though I would boast that I haz tailoring genes (Mommy was in tailor school when she was young, but never became one.), she actually did not help for my 1st costume. She did not believe I could’ve done it in the first place! XD

And then all was done!
Next move: TO COMIC FIESTA!!

As I said, it was studying period at that time, blame lousy schedules.
And because I was away from home, and stranded at a land about 8 hours journey from KL, I and the girls made the deal to meet at KL a day before the real thing.

Because the transportation system over here (I’m talking about the small city called Changloon. About 30mins south prior to Msia-Thai border. This is where my university is located ^^) is pretty lousy, I had to take a shuttle out from my uni to town, and waited alone at night for the 11pm bus to ‘Dream destination’. All these with a huge luggage filled with my costumes, make-up and clothings to be brought to KL….

And then in KL the next day!
About 5.30am in the wee hours of a day. (Midnight traffic was clear, and it reached so much earlier than expected, lol.)
REMEMBERED morning calling the bunch of girls to meet …. at?

Interestingly, I was so full with the costumes and prep for the event, that I haven’t even planned a route or brought a map  with me.
No GPS either, so I found myself at a station called Pudu, not knowing where to head, or wait, and OH!
…. my luggage wheel snapped.

I had to carry the presumably 8kg THING and grope my way to the nearest link, then an LRT station, hopped onto one and attentively watched out for my stop because I ain’t no city girl!

And then after two stops, I finally met the girls around 8 sumthing in the morning!
Don’t laugh lah, k??

It was extremely nice anyway having someone familiar FINALLY, at a foreign city.
And then off the hotels check-in and stuff.
We were so excited as we’ve finally met, see our respective costumes and non-stop marvelling during the ‘official’ tryout.

Friend S with me then. The joy of first-time cosplayers XDD
She was as Lenne from FF …. notice that I had no shoes on.
Yuppie! Lacus boots were bought hours after the above pic, @ SungeiWang.

Then the event!
I’ve already blogged about it ages ago, haha~!

SO we had that extremely rushed, yet thrilling first cosplaying experiences that way~
When those 3 days and nights were finally over, and I again, keep those things along with the giant luggage bag, back to the busy station, to head back to where I first came from, a flow of emotions just came forward, and I silently shed some tears on the express bus that morning.

Not sure if it was grateful for friends being all the way there with me, that the long anticipated event was over, over the load of hassles for one annual event or what.
It was kinda sad, and I really didn’t want that kind of experience to disappear forever.
And then I think again and again on the long journey back:

That if I should continue … I might as well be prepared that most of my entertainment budget will be ‘well-spent’ on this hobby. Instead of pretty dresses, exp smartphones and such, I made my choice to ‘invest’ them on wigs, fabrics and etc.

Eventually, the following year, (2012)  I was like a mad mare rapidly trying to progress.
The typical ‘So gonna cosplay THIS!’ type…
In between some characters were satisfying, while I was deeply disappointed in others.
Then, I began reminding myself the real passion behind it that ignited all these, so I will probably slow down my pace for now, and focus on the qualities of it.

Don’t worry, I’m not stopping!

In the progress of course, I was forced to learn some very very shallow tips on picture editting, more dramatic make-up, VO editting for competitions, camera friendly skills, in-character moments, and significantly improved sewing skills. (From zero sewing days, to ‘Sewing became my hobby!’. I now venture in new handcrafts and DIYs too).
At the same time, the network naturally expands. And though it wasn’t much, I’m happy to get friends who are in the same line of hobby! Nothing beats hobby talk!

Many people around me came up to me and ask how did this hobby began for me, how to start cosplay, how to choose a character and etc ….

Truth is, if you really really want it, find a way to make it happen!
By chance, time or money(?) …. most importantly with EFFORT, things can happen~~!
I am in no pro or exceptionally experienced situation to tell you what to do: But I do hope my crazy tale of cosplay did inspire those who ‘wants-to-cosplay-but-dunno-how-to-begin-worrr’ peeps.

If even a small fry like me can make her long term dream came true, why not others?
The image of the teenage girl, lying on bed after school with a weekly comic magazine, awe-ing over a Sasuke cosplayer was still fresh in mind!
I cannot be more thankful to all those cosplayers who indirectly contributed to my discovery in this interest~
And so here I am today, telling my share of one year’s journey in it.
Embrace and enjoy it is all I can say.
Just don’t lose yourself k Smile with tongue out

Cheerios minna-san~!

Ten x Ten

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cosplay Summary for 2012

Again guys ….
I know its 2013 now, and I’m terribly late in dealing with all my pending posts, zzz

But since we survived doomsday, guess I gotta make some summaries out from last year; And then some resolutions for next year!


This compilation is basically what Ten-chan did for the last year:

Some are for conventions, and some for competitions.
I might mend some of them and re-use it for events this year (With significant improvements!), while some are impossible to be re-use again (Armadura armour and Victorique dress, coz they were through and erm …. IMPOSSIBLE~ )

My own resolutions are to decrease weight, improve my cosplay in many aspects (Alright, I do have many personal resolutions, but I’ll save that for other days since this is a cosplay related post.) and etc ? LOL?

I’ve a feeling I’ll be decreasing on new characters this year because I seriously need to start saving up for the mid year trip. [ READ MA OLDER POST!]
Mostly will focus on making new alternate costumes for old characters, or new characters with same colored wigs, or maybe I can budget on one or two new wigs, but we’ll see how. To be honest I rarely make cosplans, so same for this year. I’ll suddenly come up with something I want and make it work overnight !!!
No no no, this year will see better planning, haha. No more overnight production! Tahaa!

So in short, I’m happy with my cosplay journey AND achievements in the past one year, so I hope year 2 will be equally, if not better be than the 1st.
Minnasan otsukare~!

Ten x Ten

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2012

Alright I know it’s officially 2013 right now (Malaysian time…) !!
But pardon the absolute lateness >.<
I’ve been too busy dealing with exams for the past week …. +.+;


Nyways, I went to this fantastic annual event on 22nd Dec with my siblings this last year …
Went by bus, ( Some 4 hours plus journey from Penang to KL, haha~)
Was kinda rushed, but nontheless, it was so much fun… !!
Get to visit my aunt and uncle too; haven’t been at their place for like 2 years already >.<

Cosplayed as Juvia from Fairy Tail this time ….
Another last minute project @#$%
Can’t believe I was still sewing in KL, hours before the event actually started!!
Thankful that I’ve made it in time, haha ….





ALL photo credits for the solo pics above goes to Mr Jingkoes Ghain ~

Personally felt more sense of achievement for this turn (yayy?)
I dunno, but I guess its part of these reasons:

1.) Venue was bigger and comfier; had a day cosplaying and the next day taking photos, so my time was well spent compared to last year….
2.) More people taking my photos (lol?): Well we all had to be honest, when there is more photo request, sense of ‘my-cosplay-improved!’ will be higher. Not sure bout you guys, but that’s how I rate my own ><””
3.) Did an unplanned group shot! Met these awesome cosplayers on spot who were also cosplaying as other FT characters. New nakamas!


Colorful eh??? I looked like I’m pointing middle finger tho ==;
Our FT group …. credits to Mr Jingkoes again~


An indoor random grouping when I first met these cosplayers;
Gajeel on the most right is my nii-san XD
Photo credits to S.C Kong.


I remember I had some photos with these bunch of cute (most probably all below 16yrs of age) cosplayers: as Little Natsu, Erza Knightwalker and Erza Scarlet.
But because I didn’t ask for their contacts, or know the photographers thus I couldn’t trace back those copies ;A;
The little Natsu was hyper CUTE!! I asked how old was he(she?) and he told me 12, haha. CUTE,CUTE!!!! :3
(If it wasn’t for maintaining Juvia’s cool nature, I’d have probably molested pinch his cheeks d, nyehehehehehe~~~)

Photo credits goes to: Random uploader in FB ^^” Gomene, I was just too hyped when I saw this photo of them *squels!


Last pic’s credit goes to bestie RuYan ~~ (Thanks for helping me get the early-bird’s tickets!)

Ten x Ten


P.S: For photos from my own camera, please go HERE. Mostly DAY 2 photos though ^^;