Thursday, February 21, 2013


No, not the dessert shop XD
Rather, it’s this weird tasting herb ball.
We call it Bak Foong pill.


The container is a ping-pong shaped thingy.
Lightly press the end of both sides, and it’ll crack like this :3


It’s something we (ladies ^^V) take monthly … >/////< *hazukashiii ~~
More common among Chinese especially.

But it’s really REALLY weird in taste.
Will take it in one gulp usually, with my nose closed XDD

~Ten x Ten~

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

‘Planting’ lower lashes …

I bought these lower lashes in stalks form some time ago.
One box (the smaller stalks) was from MagicBoo for RM10.00 (Appx USD 3.20);
The longer ones are from DAISO for RM5 per box. (Appx USD 1.60)


Comparing makeup-ed eye with the one without.


Closer shot.
I tried to glue the longer lashes near the tail first, and then the shorter lashes inwards.
As you can see it’s pretty messy (first trial ^^”)
And the lash end kept curling upwards, like there’s a magnetic force from the upper lashes. =.=
Anyone knows why?


The contact lense on my palm. Picture taken with flash.
Green: Barbie dolls dolce series. Diameter is 16mm.

It’s the same lense that I used for the Victorique cosplay.
Not emerald-ish at all for far shots Sad smile 


Pretty obsessed with contact lenses lately Smile with tongue out
Confessions from someone who once detest lenses soooo much~!
Bought two new pairs months ago.
Will share it when I try XD

~Ten x Ten~


… Before going back to uni tomorrow  LATER !!

Went to Mr DIY, and then Straits Quay just now.
Looted a grande Starbucks’ Chocolate Chip Frapuccino. Haha!


And also few bites of delectable Mille Crepe from Humble Beginnings.
I think it’s Creamy cheese flavored.


The driver and host of nightNyah-Nyah

A normal shot, haha~!

Crazy Shots!

Tenny + Keroro = Tenroro!


Lanterns and plum flowers too, till next year XD
(Or eat some fists~~~) *shows fist

~Ten x Ten~

Trying my eye makeup

Remember one of my cosplay related resolution for 2013?


So I’ve recently started the engine and put my loads of make-up to good use.

DSCF5383_副本vb_副本With my grey contact lenses (I forgot what series.) and dramatic cross lashes.
Lower eye makeup was horrible :/

FYI, I have pretty much make-up items in my kit.
I love buying make-up, and some were given by friends or relatives.
Sadly (Maybe an advantage?) I basically DO NOT wear makeup on usual days or outings.
They are only up for use when there is a formal function, dinner, and of course for COSPLAY.

Thus, can you imagine how SLOW I took to finish up make them visibly used? (Back to it, I couldn’t think of any product which has been used up and thrown with the reason emptied.)
In fact, some are way over their shelf lives but still remain in my kit because I couldn’t bear to throw them away ;A;
Some pics of them to share when I do a round-up checking, but that will go to other posts, OTHER DAYS XDD

So I took this opportunity to test-and-trial my makeup products when I’m free!
That way, I could speed up my cosmetic usages and improve my SKILLLLLLLS~~~ (nahhaaaahahaaaha)


Closer view.
See how bad are my dark circles? Smile with tongue out
I only realized the bottom lashes were upside-down, after a fellow cosplayer PM-ed me.
Lol, super duper epic PHAILURE Sad smile 
Maybe a better next try….

~ Ten x Ten ~

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chinese New Year selca ….

… is only posted here after Valentine’s day’s over ^^;
Paiseh nah, I wasn’t around for the first few days of CNY XD

Bareface selcas ….
Let’s start anew and prosper this year ^o^


One of them was posted in FB earlier back…
Even this was editted on the same day.
I was only lazy to post it here XDD

Happy CNY, minna~
Have a great year ahead!

~Ten xTen~