Thursday, March 21, 2013

Animax Carnival Malaysia 2013

Went down to Sunway Pyramid for this awesome event last weekend!
Was hesitant in earlier days, but didn’t regret a bit after it XDD


Went to the event with Ming straight away after we lodge our belongings at a nearby inn. XD
Would’ve gotten earlier if the bus didn’t broke down midway,
wasted 45mins on the highway  >.<
Anyways, we were happy that we arrived safely XD



Us with some of the Naruto cosers. Photo credits to Ming ^^V
Smiling like kids who get free goodies, wakakaka!

The next day: Competition! (17th March)

It’s the Animax Carnival Malaysia 2013’s cosplay competition!
This year’s theme was Fairy Tail.
Man, was I over the moon when a friend (SaKa-chan!!) shared the news with me. I decided to give a try by submitting my Juvia’s photo, and by luck, was chosen as a semi-finalist >.<V

Pictures taken on that day, randomly chosen …
Most of the tagged ones are at the FB account.

Rehearsal and registration – with Yonnie and Akane! <3
Miss our guild days in CF 2012 XD



"After" photo. I scared myself sometimes XD
Photo by Akane-chan ^o^

To the competition skits ~~~

sunway pyramid 3

Photo courtesy to Sunway Pyramid …

~Even on gloomy days, Juvia teaches you to dance in the rain~
*gets bricked by worldwide Juvia fans….

sunway pyramid 2

Contestants who managed to advance into Top 8 aka FINALISTS!
Congratz minnasan!


~Water Lock *bloops ~~~~~~

Photo courtesy to Michael Ooi Photography.
Like this photo very much, thank you!! XD

(The umbrella frill came off =.=”” I’ll work harder to make good props next time *gomene)

sunway pyramid

Photo courtesy to Sunway Pyramid.

Announcement of the top 3 winners~!
Landed 2nd ^^V !
Was pretty surprised and thrilled~!

esther lim

Group pic at the prize giving ceremony …
Fairy Tail daisuki <3

It’s on News Straits Time today!
Catch the online report HERE  Smile


~Ten x Ten~

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