Thursday, May 9, 2013

English Noon Tea @ Victoria Rossa, Penang.

I’ve basically abandoned my blog for the past whole month!

Gomene ~~~ Will not have much time these days. >.<

Stepping into final year of undergrad life, thus naturally these….


Last week, had a short break back hometown for nation’s 13th General Election.

(Darkest day in nation’s history, sigh*)

Also got to meet up with the old buddies, tasted some fine high tea, and attended a wedding of an old classmate.

Will blog a bit about the tea thing. Pretty unusual I must say. Open-mouthed smile



It’s an English Tea House in town called Victoria Rossa. First time for me.

Honestly, I don’t know much about high class authentic stuff. There’re just beautiful to me in many ways.

Will post what I see, you guys judge on your own Winking smile


What we see as we entered. Tadaaaaa ~~

Love the lighting, the furniture and the wallpaper.

They even have nice baskets beside our seats for handbags! <3

They actually have a second floor I think, but the section was closed that day.

Would be awesome to do a Gosick or Kuroshitsuji cosplay here Open-mouthed smile



Tungy and me. Sorry, Yan wasn’t in the photo. She’s holdin camera.

This was the small bench beside their entrance. We were waiting for tables.




Menu and the cutleries ….

Vintage right? Wait there’s more ….


Tea set – Biscotti, Meringue, Original scone, Butter cake and sandwiches.

This is supposedly for one person. (The chocolate and cranberry scone were extra ala carte orders.)

Set includes a pot tea of own choice. RM30 something.


Tea. Victorian and Edwardian blend.

One pot comes with the set. Another pot was an additional order.

I think it was RM10 or near that. Refillable once.

The teapots are nicely wrapped with laced fabric-covers. Nice?

Teacup and saucer’s pattern go with the teapot.


Tea leaves in tin – for sale.
Lots of these on shelves. They also sell collections of tea cups saucers.

Their waitresses also wear lacy aprons like café maids, haha.




Displays near the counter.


About all I have to blog, haha.

I will visit it again some day (when I haz extra cash) and when I feel like trying something different in their menu.

If you have visited there, how about recommending me something good?



~Ten x Ten~