Wednesday, June 12, 2013

C2age 2013–HELP CAT

Went to this event last weekend with Kaze~

HAPPY that I was able to meet the very lovable cosplay figure from Japan – Reika Arikawa-san!

SAD that basically didn’t get to take close-up pics with her, nor get her photo collections or merchandise Sad smile 



She was really friendly and uber NICE!

No traces of idol air despite so much fame amongst cosplayers around the world~!

Down to earth and best of all, she actually hugged EVERYONE who attended her workshop.

My fondest memory with her this time (PLEASE LET THERE BE A NEXT TIME!  T^T)


No time to prepare, but I hastily editted some low reso photos from Day 1, then printed and gave it to her after the workshop the next day. She was bowing profusely and gleaming a bit while looking at my shameless gift, with her really sincere ‘Uahh~ Arigato, arigato~~!’ …. ;A; Near to tears now that we’ve all miss her too much!


My only Me-AND-Reika pic …. sad eh? Crying face 
Hopefully with more luck next round!

Thanks for all the memories and tips you left us!
And please come to Malaysia again (^o^)V

~Ten x Ten~

P.s: Other cosplayer’s photos are uploaded at my FB.

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